Acne Care – Using CBD For Acne

Acne Care – Using CBD For Acne

Acne can be caused by multiple factors such as stress, diet and inappropriate skin care. People have been using natural treatments to treat acne and promote beautiful skin. One of the growing alternatives and natural treatments today are CBD for acne.

CBD is a compound that is derived from the cannabis plant. CBD for Acne can be in the form of CBD oil, topical, or skin softeners. Acne in adults can be caused by main reasons and typically appears on the chin, jawline, or around the neck. It is also caused by bacteria, blackheads, and inflammation on the deeper part of your skin.


CBD for Acne and Acne Treatment

Most people are using CBD for Acne in the form of drops and sprays. They are also using CBD creams and CBD face masks. Acne treatment involves appropriate skin care such as keeping the skin clean, and free from acne-causing bacteria.

Most research involved with CBD for acne has to do with CBD capability of blocking the main factors that cause acne. For example, one of the biggest causes of acne in adults is excess oil that can clog the skin. CBD oil for acne does a great job at stopping this build up. Here is an article that shows some of the most popular research “The Journal of Clinical Investigation”. Through this investigation it was found that CBD oil for acne helped with treatment because of its anti-inflammatory effects.


Caution When Buying CBD for Acne

When shopping for CBD for Acne you must pay attention and do your research about the company selling the CBD oil. Not all products contain CBD as marketed and because the industry is fairly new and consumers do little to no research. According to “JAMA” 26% of products in the market had less CBD than advertised. This can have a huge impact on how that CBD oil could help.

At CW California, we work with trusted partners that work with independent laboratories to confirm labeling and CBD content. You can see for yourself by checking our catalog of products here.


Steps for Acne Treatment and Skin Care

It is important to keep in mind that at the end of the day you can take care of acne treatment. You will need to consider the below steps and make treatment a routing.
  • Balanced Diet
  • CBD for Acne
  • Appropriate Skin-cleansing
  • Moisturizing and Protecting Skin
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