A Full Look Into Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

A Full Look Into Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

When looking at Hemp oil vs. CBD oil, it's never a simple answer of which is best or which provides the most benefits. They're so different in their uses and creation, but since they come from the same plant, most consumers lump them together as the same or very similar products.  


What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil is an extracted oil from the flowers, stems, stalks, and leaves of cannabis plants. That can include marijuana or hemp; they all come from the same cannabis family. The extraction method is often with an oil that is safe to consume, such as olive oil, or even with ethanol or carbon dioxide. CBD is known to support:
  • Helping to ease the body into sleep
  • Decrease inflammation
  • Relax the body
  • Ease digestion
  • Ease pain

Studies are ongoing to see if CBD oil is capable of reducing patterns of addiction or helping to reduce seizures.  


What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp oil only comes from the seeds of cannabis plants, specifically from hemp seeds, which is why it's often called hempseed oil. These seeds go through a pressing process; they are bottled and sold. Hemp Oil vs CBD oils share a few similarities, but hemp oil stands out with its skin benefits. Hemp oil serves as a topical application for these benefits:
  • Anti-aging skin properties
  • Skin nourishing for dry skins
  • Acne treatment
  • Natural pain relief

The common question is, "Does Hemp Oil have CBD?” It’s a fair question because they come from the same plant, but there is no CBD in cannabis seeds, which what's used for hemp oil.

Does hemp oil have cbd oil? Learn about Hemp Oil Vs CBD Oil

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil: Similarities and Differences

Similarities between hemp oil vs CBD oil:
  • Neither cause intoxication of any time.
  • Both have healing properties.
  • Both are considered safe for use.
  • Both are safe to ingest
  • Both can be used topically.
  • Both come from the cannabis Sativa family of plants.
Difference between hemp oil and CBD oil include:
  • These oils come from different parts of the plant.
  • Hemp oil only comes from the industrial hemp family.
  • Hemp oil has no legal restrictions in any state.
  • CBD oil has some state restrictions
  • CBD is extremely nutrient-dense
  • CBD has a higher capacity for health benefits

Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil will always be a prominent question because of their many similarities, but their differences are equally distinct.  


Where Can You Buy CBD Oils?

There are some state restrictions when it comes to buying CBD oils. CBD v Hemp Oil does have that distinction. There is Walmart CBD Oil and GNC CBD Oil.

Amazon does not sell CBD oil, quite possibly because of the CBD restrictions in some states. Also, keep in mind that when shopping for pet cbd oil you should know about the differences of CBD and hemp products on Amazon. They do, however, sell Hemp Extract, which is an alternative name for CBD oil that sellers are using to get around Amazon's policies.

If you're looking for Amazon CBD oil, you'll need to search Amazon for Hemp Extract rather than CBD oil even if you're looking to use it for a pet. You can also purchase Organic CBD oil on our website here at CW California.

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