Understanding CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) Benefits and Side Effects

Understanding CBG Oil (Cannabigerol) Benefits and Side Effects

There are about 120 different Cannabinoids that can be isolated from cannabis. Many of us are familiar with CBD and have not heard about CBG (Cannabigerol). Currently, in the marketplace consumers have access to about six different cannabinoids: THC, CBD, THCa, CBDa, CBN, and CBG.  


What is CBG Oil?

CBG oil is derived from the cannabis plant along with other cannabinoids. It has a non-psychoactive effect and is found in low levels usually less than 1% in most cannabis strains. CBG is considered to be a minor cannabinoid.

CBD is the non-acidic form of CBGA. It gets converted to CBD through time and heat.  Typically, CBGA is broken down into THC and CBD while the cannabis plants are growing. This is why you’ll find about 1% CBG in plant.  

CBG vs CBD and learning about the CBG Oil benefits and side effects. 

Main Differences of CBG vs CBD

Throughout a plants life cycle CBG Cannabinoid helps make CBD. They’re both cannabinoids, but are different compounds within the cannabis plant. Currently, both CBD and CBG are non-psychotropic which means that they don’t have a psychoactive effect and will not alter your state of mind. CBG and CBD both are known to help ease normal levels of anxiety.

CBG cannabinoid is known to counter-act the psychoactive effects of THC just like CBD. This essential can help counter balance the effects of THC. Also, through testing CBG on lab animals it was found that it increases appetite more than CBD does. Little research has been completed on CBG, but the interest in CBG oil is becoming more popular. Below you’ll find some of the potential CBG medial benefits.  


Potential CBG Medical Benefits

The data that is available suggests that CBG might be effective at treating the following conditions:
  • Inflammation
  • Glaucoma
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Cancer
  • Bladder Dysfunction
  • Appetite Issues
  • Anxiety
  • Erectile Dysfunction

Additionally, many patients have reported success when using CBG to help with normal levels of anxiety, migraines, mild pain, and hot flashes.  


Side Effects of CBG Cannabinoid

Overall, CBG is very safe. It has no impairing effects, no toxic dose, no withdrawal effects, and no risk of addiction. CBG can be a safe option for use in pediatric and geriatric populations and in patients with a history of psychosis or schizophrenia.  

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