Charlotte's Web Stock - Is CW Hemp Publicly Traded?

Charlotte's Web Stock - Is CW Hemp Publicly Traded?

Is CW Hemp Publicly Traded?

Can you invest in hemp stock? Yes, you can invest in cannabis through hemp specific stock options. Typically you might not expect immediate or huge returns. That’s not usually how stocks work. What you’re looking at is the opportunity for long-term investment as the hemp and cannabis industry expands.  


What Makes Charlotte’s Web Stock Different?

CW hemp stock is often a safer choice for people looking to invest in the cannabis industry. Basically, it’s a strain that should carry less than 1% of THC making it purely for medical or wellness purposes. At this time, CW hemp stock is not available directly through the CSE or Canadian Securities Exchange. Instead, you can purchase CW stock through a registered investment advisor, or with a brokerage account. Basically, you cannot buy CW stock through the NYSE, ASE, NASDAQ, etc.  


Need-to-Know Details of CW Hemp Stock

Over the last year and a half, Charlotte’s Web stock has had its ups and downs. Generally, a sign of a healthy stock. Investors gain and lose interest, and the company will have a natural ebb and flow. Charlotte’s Web Holdings Inc, or CWBHF, became available in September of 2018. Before its IPO, the hemp strain became quite acclaimed within the medical community. The IPO was for USD 5.40, or C$7.00.

CWEB and CWBHF are not available on popular U.S. markets, but instead are available through private or online brokers. Those brokers include Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Robinhood, E*Trade, Ameritrade, and a few others. CWEB stock does not pay a dividend at this time. Those looking to invest are often driven toward improving or expanding the medical use of the cannabinoid.  


What Should You Know About Buying Hemp Stock?

Unlike investing in cannabis production, including marijuana, which involves a number of legal hurdles, hemp is different. Hemp is cannabis, but often the flowering buds contain only trace levels of TCH. Additionally, the entire plant is commonly used, rather than only one small portion. CBD oil can use much more than one part of the plant. Hemp has numerous uses, including making paper materials, medical treatments, personal wellness such as anxiety, and more.

Charlotte’s Web is specifically for medical and personal wellness use. It was created with the purpose and proved useful for treating seizures. The traditional outlook on cannabis is waning, but when it comes to marijuana, there is still the stigma and legality elements to consider. Hemp has not had those problems in recent years. Like any stock purchase, your investment is a type of gamble. The cannabis and specifically the hemp industry is expected to grow in the upcoming years.

Investing in hemp could be the opportunity to catch that wave. However, the hemp industry’s growth is generally well-controlled by the FDA and the companies involved. The increase will likely be more “slow and steady” rather than a colossal upshot overnight.

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