Headache-Free Living: Exploring the Power of CBD for Migraine Relief

Headache-Free Living: Exploring the Power of CBD for Migraine Relief

I count myself among the many chronic migraine sufferers around the world and I’ve searched far and wide for answers to the pain. From home remedies of ice packs and cold towels on the back of the neck to pitch black rooms with meditative music or perhaps praying to every deity you know is more your speed, I know I’ve tried it. No matter your preferred method of seeking relief it seems like once you’re in the middle of a migraine very few things are able to stop it.  Well it seems like we may have a new weapon to help us combat the horrors of the dreaded migraine!

Now as someone who has suffered a long time with migraines I’ve racked my brain for any way to help alleviate the pain. That search eventually brought me to Botox, which I must say has been an absolute game changer for me. Sadly nothing is bullet proof and even with the help of Botox migraines still sneak through from time to time.

Now MY go to fix, before the Botox, would be marijuana + strong coffee + excedrine. Did it work? Yeah, mostly though not always. Was it good for my stomach? Absolutely not. What good is fighting one pain to just create another. Also, I hate to admit it but I’m not the most productive person once I’ve smoked marijuana so there goes any chores or tasks I had lined up. Add to that the fact that most of us are not employed in a field that would allow us to be under any sort of influence while working and you can see why after hearing about how CBD could help with migraines I knew I had some research to do!

Just as with marijuana, cannabinoids, which include CBD, interact with the ECS—a neuromodulatory system, through receptors found throughout the body. Cannabinoid interaction with these receptors can reduce inflammation, relieve pain or our favorite, just make us feel good.

One study that we can look to for some evidence was conducted by Axon Relief. The Headache Impact Test (Hit-6™) survey they administered asked participants about their headache impact before and after using CBD oil. At the end of a 30-day trial period, 86% of the subjects had reported decreased headache impact.

Michael Lewis, M.D., president and founder of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute and medical advisor at CV Sciences says “There is promising scientific research that CBD may be effective in easing migraine symptoms through CBD’s interaction with the body’s endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS)”.

Clinical evidence shows people with chronic migraines (15 headache days per month or more) have lower levels of neurotransmitters that naturally exist within the body and bind to cannabinoid receptors—which may help explain how CBD may benefit people with migraines.

Very interesting stuff!

So all in all it seems like CBD works in the same way that marijuana works when it comes to helping us reduce the pain from migraines which, in my book is fantastic news. The most important difference between marijuana and CBD is the psychoactive effect that we experience.

So, need to help rid yourself of migraine pain while not looking like you just ran into Medusa at work or your current social gathering? CBD has you covered!

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