How Long Does it take for CBD Oil to Work

How Long Does it take for CBD Oil to Work

How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to Work?

Over the last year or so, CBD oil has taken over by storm because the people using it are getting fast effects that don't cause a high. CBD has garnered quite a bit of hype as a holistic or alternative treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and other ailments. While it’s important to note that the FDA hasn’t approved CBD oil for much, but all the same many people enjoy it. So...


How Long Does it Take for CBD Oil to work?

When learning how to take CBD oil many people try to make their decision on how to take it based on how long it will work.

Topical – 2-5 hours:  A topical application can take some time to work because it must absorb into your system through the fatty tissue and skin.

Capsules – Up to 1 hour: Capsules go through the digestion system and are absorbed during that process.

Tinctures – Up to 30 minutes: Taking CBD oil under the tongue is one of the fastest ways to ingest it.

CBD Gummies – Up to 60 minutes: When using CBD edibles or gummies, they absorb during digestion, and that can take about an hour.

Inhalants – 2-5 Minutes: For people looking for the fastest way to take CBD oil, using a vape is a choice. Right now, vapes are still legal, and CBD products such as gummies are federally legal. But on a state level, you should check to see if you're in one of the CBD oil legal states.

How Long Does it take for CBD Oil to Work How Long Does CBD take to Work

How Long Can CBD oil last?

The lasting effect of CBD oil varies based on the method of use or delivery, just like when it comes to how long it will take for CBD oil to kick in.

Topical – 5+ hours: A topical application’s lasting power can depend on the volume of hair at the application site.

Capsules – 4-6 hours: Capsules will usually last for four to six hours because they're absorbed through the digestive system and will be in the body for a longer time.

Tinctures – 2-4 hours:  When you take CBD oil under the tongue, it should last anywhere between two and four hours. As the CBD oil makes its way through your bloodstream, your body will filter the CBD oil, and eventually, the effects subside.

CBD Gummies – 4-6 hours: Gummies or edibles are among the easier ways to take CBD oil if you’re new.

Inhalants – 30 min– 1 hour: Inhalants go directly into the lungs, so the CBD is absorbed and dispersed quickly. Smoking CBD oil has some of the shortest longevity.


Is it Possible to Build a CBD Tolerance?

When breaking down the facts about CBD oil, you may come across claims that it can take different times to work for different people. That's true in some cases, but just like any other drug, you can build a tolerance. The more you use CBD, the more you'll build a tolerance and may need to adjust your dosage or find a more potent product.

CBD build-up is often just a sign to take a short break and return to your therapeutic use again in a few days.

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