How to Take CBD Oil

How to Take CBD Oil

How to Take CBD Oil

Anyone new to CBD may have seen all the hype and craze, but there are a lot of questions. The most common question is, how to take CBD Oil? Well, there are many ways that you can take CBD oil, and you're probably comfortable with at least one of the popular methods. You can find CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and more.

Learn how to use CBD oil and the best way to consume CBD oil

How Can You Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil comes from cannabinoid plants and may or may not contain trace elements of THC; however, the oil itself is not psychoactive. Essentially it means that no matter how you use CBD oil, you aren't going to get high. CBD is legal in many states, and you can take it in a way that works best for you. Learning how to use CBD oil? Try these methods:
  • Topical CBD oil use by massaging the oil into your skin
  • The Pehcoti CBD method where you absorb CBD through your bellybutton
  • Smoking CBD oil
  • Oral ingestion through a soft cap gel capsule
  • CBD Gummies – prepared with CBD oil
  • Tinctures and other sublingual (under the tongue) products
  • Vaping

How you choose to take CBD oil might depend on a few things. First, if you don’t like tinctures or a "weedy" taste, then you probably would avoid putting the oil under your tongue, or even taking a gel capsule.

Topical use is a top choice for beginners because they can comfortably learn more about their dosage, and there's no taste involved. Smoking or vaping is perhaps the most common, more on this in a moment, and if other methods are often something that you'll have to test and see how you feel about it. The Pechoti method can have many benefits, but many people can comfortably sit with the oil in their belly button.


Is There One Best Way to Consume CBD?

When you look at the facts about CBD oil, there’s a lot of back and forth on whether there is a “best” way to take CBD. Instead, look at your symptoms and then identify how to address them. For example, people experiencing pain from arthritis could benefit best from a topical application at the pain site.

If you’re looking to get the CBD into your bloodstream quickly and ingest a high amount of the CBD oil ingested then try tinctures, or ingestible gel capsules. While people looking for a faster effect could try vaping or smoking the CBD oil. When using edibles to ingest CBD, you're looking at waiting about two hours for your body to absorb it, and then it will only absorb about 25% of the CBD consumed.


How To Determine What Works Best for You

Use an app or journal to catalog and document your symptoms and the reactions to different methods of CBD use. If you're using a technique that should target your symptoms directly, such as topically applying the oil for a muscle ache, then you should see fast and desirable results. If you don’t, then switch up your method and see if something else works better.

Be sure that you’re using the right dosage as well. There is some trial and error, and because CBD is so new and can potentially address so many health issues, the best way to approach using it correctly is to track your use and results avidly.

When you find what works, then stick with it!

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