Introducing the Canniatric™ Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Pechoti Oil

Introducing the Canniatric™ Hemp Full Spectrum CBD Pechoti Oil

By Ray Mirzabegian, Founder of Canniatric™, CW California™


The Pechoti method, or Nabhi Chikitsa in the Ayurvedic Medicine is a practice of applying therapeutic oils in and around your belly button (Navel). In Ayurveda, oils such as tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil are often used for their antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Since cannabinoids are known to offer Neuroprotective & Anti-Inflammatory benefits, it’s natural that Ayurvedic medicine practitioners turned to cannabis and HEMP oil as well. This delivery system is named after the Pechoti gland. The Pechoti gland is located behind the belly button and continues to exist after the cord is cut.

Around 72,000 veins run through the area behind the belly button that are connected to various tissues and organs, such as the bladder, large intestine, stomach, and the brain. By applying CBD oil to your belly button, cannabinoids can effectively be absorbed into the blood vessels and travel throughout the body in a quick, and non-invasive way.


Who can benefit from the Pechoti Method?

The Pechoti method can be compared to using Cannabinoid suppositories. It is absorbed by your whole system rather than localized, and since it’s not processed through your liver, it is non psychoactive. It's a great option for children who use Cannabinoids, or those who don’t react well, or can’t ingest oils. However, anyone can put cannabis oil in their belly button as a method of immediate delivery.

The Pechoti method has been used by Herbalists, Naturopaths, and Ayurvedic and other traditional medicine practitioners for centuries and is deemed very safe with no known side effects. Although it may seem like a strange, untouchable place, it can become your go-to for improved physical and mental health. Learn More



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