What Does CBD Feel Like? Does CBD Feel Like Getting High?

What Does CBD Feel Like? Does CBD Feel Like Getting High?

What Does CBD Feel Like?

It’s such a common question that is must be addressed. CBD produces a calming and relaxing effect that is not the same as getting high. How does CBD oil make you feel? It varies slightly between people and can range drastically based on the method of use. For example, rubbing CBD oil over an area where you experience pain will cause an isolated effect. Whereas taking a gummy should result in an “all-over” impact.

The most common ways of explaining the CBD feeling are calmness, ease, balanced. It’s difficult to explain the direct feeling, but calm is probably the best way. When you use CBD lotions for a specific treatment on one region of skin, it’s a blend of numb and tingling similar to other skin-applied pain treatments.  


Is CBD Legal to Use?

Yes, CBD is legal on a federal level, and all states have approved CBD use for personal wellness. That means that you can go to approved stores for CBD products or buy them online. Consumers can purchase CBD products in gummy form, capsules, tinctures, oil droppers, skincare products, and more. It is essential to note, the FDA has not approved CBD for general medicinal purposes. Instead, they have passed a few, specific, CBD-based drugs for epilepsy treatment only.  


Does CBD Get You High?

No. While CBD certainly provides relief and relaxing effect. There is no euphoric effect or disruption of time perception. On the scientific level, there are only trace amounts of THC in cannabis strains meant for CBD oil production. When you look at the feelings, there’s a drastically different effect. CBD should not have any psychoactive effects. It should not induce paranoia, but CBD can produce dry mouth and dry eyes. Although you may experience dry mouth and dry eyes, it’s not a sign that you’re high.  


Relaxation, Anxiety Ease, and Functional Pain Relief

Many report that they feel first a body relaxation, and then all other effects follow. A lot of this reaction has to do with the muscle-relaxing element. For people who need to sleep, they are often so wound up that they can’t physically relax, even when lying in bed. For those taking melatonin, they may have heard that melatonin helps your body send of the signals for sleep. That is not how CBD oil works for sleep help. When it comes to sleep help and anxiety ease, the muscle relaxing element plays a critical role in both uses. As your muscles relax, you can go through your nightly routine with a calm mind, and without subconsciously walking through your home and tucking into bed with tensed muscles. Then you have the anxiety ease. When your muscles relax, your mind follows.

That is why CBD can help people with anxiety, sleeplessness, or even pain. It’s calming and relaxing but still allows people using it to go about their day. When you’re using it for anxiety or pain, you would turn to a strain that won’t result in so much drowsiness.

What Does CBD Feel LIke?

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