What Is CBD Distillate? Your Guide to CBD Distillate and Wholesale

What Is CBD Distillate?

The distillate is different than CBD oil in that it’s that free of any wax or other non-beneficial compounds from the hemp plant. People often seek out a distillate when they want a more portent version of CBD oil with more versatility. CBD distillate can easily fit into recipes for edibles, used in vaporizers, and more. Basically, a distillate is a concentrate that puts the CBD oil through a rigorous refinement process.


Quick Facts on CBD Distillate

To run through the essential facts for CBD distillate, you should expect something different than your typical CBD oil. CBD distillate:
  • Is a more refined or pure, and concentrated version of CBD oil
  • Does not have more than 0.3% THC varying by strain
  • Lacks flavor and smell
  • Lacks some terpenes removing the possibility of an entourage effect
  • Comes from oil made of the hemp flower


What Is CBD Distillate?

The distillate is a process of handling CBD oil, so it doesn’t refer to any old CBD oil. The cannabis starts with the standard extraction process, including a winterization, and decarboxylation. Finally, it goes through the distillation, which will remove the chlorophyll, lipids, fats, and waxes from the plant. During the winterization process, the plant material is held in extraordinarily cold temperatures within a controlled environment. During that time, the CBD oil impurities will separate and settle to the bottom. Then that CBD oil goes through a filter to catch all those impurities. Then through any number of processes, the ethanol is removed through decarboxylation.

Precision and accuracy are vital during this time in that if the CBD or plant material becomes too hot, it loses potency. Additionally, if the winterization goes wrong, then the distillate will have impurities. The goal of distilling is to isolate and purify the CBD extract. CBD distillate does contain other cannabinoids in trace levels. Ideally, a distillate will have around 90% CBD. There is some question regarding CBD distillate and regulation. While CBD is perfectly legal federally, CBD distillate hasn’t received FDA approval. CBD products, including CBD distillate, must meet various state restrictions depending on where you live.


Is CBD Distillate Available in Wholesale?

CW California is among the few CBD manufacturers that provide wholesale CBD. Purchasing CBD distillate wholesale isn’t as easy as seeing a price and paying. The wholesale prices will often vary from one month or week to the next. Because the market is frequently changing, and then other factors play a role in price, you’ll need to contact us to talk about pricing. We offer a place for vendors to connect with potential buyers safely and quickly. Reach out to us for more help on finding wholesale CBD distillate.

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