Umbo Functional Mushroom Honey Walnut Pecan Bar
Umbo Functional Mushroom Honey Walnut Pecan Bar
Umbo Functional Mushroom Honey Walnut Pecan Bar

Umbo Functional Mushroom Honey Walnut Pecan Bar


Umbo’s Functional Mushroom Bar is the perfect way to give your mind and body a boost of energy when your day calls for it. Whether a busy day at work or an energetic one at the gym, the potent blend of fungi in the Functional Mushroom Bar promotes health, focus, energy, and clarity.

What is Umbo Functional Mushroom Bar?

When you picture a “mushroom bar”, you’re probably not picturing the delicious and healthy pre- and post-workout snack that is the Functional Mushroom Bar. Absolutely packed with energy- and performance-promoting functional mushrooms, these tasty treats will give you the clarity and energy to achieve your goals, and the rejuvenation you need after a busy day. The Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail in the bar are mixed with honey and nuts, providing a pleasant taste as well as an energy boost.

Will the Functional Mushroom Bar Get You High?

No, the Umbo Functional Mushroom Bar will absolutely not get you high. The mushrooms in the bar differ from their psychedelic counterparts in that they do not contain psychoactive agents. There is no psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, in any of the mushrooms in the bar. While it may not make you “trip” the way that psychedelic mushrooms do, the Functional Mushroom Bar will assist in oxygen intake and mental clarity. You won’t get high, but you may feel more focused.

Are Functional Mushroom Bars Legal?

Yes, everything in the bars is completely legal. All of the functional mushrooms are standard ingredients in herbal and traditional remedies. Lion’s Mane and Reishi are well-known for their energy-boosting and cognition-supporting qualities. The long history of these and the other ingredients in Functional Mushroom Bars show overwhelming evidence for their overall health and wellness promoting qualities. Along with being legal mushroom remedies, all of the ingredients are organically sources and are non-GMO.

What is Turkey Tail?

The Trametes versicolor is better known by its colloquial name, Turkey Tail. The fungus grows worldwide. It is named for its resemblance to (you guessed it!) the tail of a turkey. Although research is ongoing, some lab tests show that Turkey Tail has immune-boosting properties, and may be useful in treating certain kinds of cancer. In traditional remedies, Turkey Tail is often used to treat stomach problems, and the fungus may also have properties that help to combat obesity.

Mushrooms for the body are all well and good, but what about mushrooms for the mind?

Recommended Dosage

Umbo suggests a single bar per usage. One Functional Mushroom Bar does the job “anytime you want to support your mind function and overall well-being”. The bar contains a significant amount of herbal medicine. Breast feeding or pregnant individuals should check with a physician before using this supplement. Likewise, those with pre-existing condition or taking prescription medications should consult a healthcare professional first.